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Itz All About : Devi Sri Prasad

Devi Sri Prasad, the youth icon has come a long way. Energy is his energy. His energy is infectious. All of us have dreams right from childhood but only few stick to them and realize them quickly. Devi is one of them. Lets dwell into more details of him.

Thanks to Mr. Satish who has provided many finer details of Devi.

Devi Sri Prasad Super 1 Itz All About : Devi Sri Prasad

– Devi Sri Prasad was born on August 2nd,1982 in Amalapuram,East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh.

– His Father is the noted Telugu scriptwriter, composer and singer Satya Murthy. People can associate Telugu films like Chanti, Maathrudevobhava, Pedarayadu, which are script oriented.

– Devi Sri Prasad’s main inspiration is his father. His sister Padmini Priya Sagar can dance and sing. She got married. His younger brother Vidya Sagar is a singer and can pay Mandolin.He received Nandi award for “yedo priya ragam vintunna” song in “Arya”. Most of his family members are into the Music Forte.

– What makes him different from others is that he is one of the youngest music directors, composers, lyricists and also a pop-artiste who could scale to great heights in a very shot span.

– At an age when guys were just freaking out in college and not into real serious business, Devi Sri Prasad’s jargon was all about tracks, recording, sequencers, vocals, patch and midi.

– “Love Music, Live Music” is his tagline.

– Though born in Amalapuram he was brought up in Chennai.

– His father presented him a small keyboard when he was in 7th standard and that changed his life.

– He used to spend most of his time experimenting with the keyboard both at school and at home. After realizing his interest towards keyboard his father joined him to learn mandolin under the guidance of Mandolin Srinivas.He learned mandolin for more than 10 years.

– He had served as the ‘cultural secretary’ in his school. He was the school pupil leader and also the recipient of the ‘Best Outgoing Student’ award from his school.

– It was during these competitions only Devi met Sumangali who was representing other school in singing competitions.

– He also got several prizes in dance competitions along with light music at school.He studied up to BBA.

– His music indulgence started off after an interesting experience. Once his school head master was asking the students in his class as to what they would like to become. Among consistent and monotonous answers like doctors and engineers, He was the one who stood up and said that he wanted to become a music director. Everyone in the class looked at him with amazement.

– It might have started as a statement in the beginning, but over the years he felt that he was literally moving into that field. Students called him as ‘Illayaraja Jr’.

– He started off with an album project when he was in his 7th standard. He went over lot of improvisation over the years.

– But getting a break was not a cake walk for Devi. He faced lot of problems in promoting his “Mr. Devi” album. He said once that, he roamed on cycle around various audio cassette companies. He also remembers one incident where in he had to wait for 2 hours at the entrace gate of Gemini TV’s office. Altast he had to use big contacts of his father, writer Satynand, and Allu Arvind to release the audio.

– The song ‘Aye Unnoda’ was a major break for me,’ remarks Prasad. He did the music for the song and worked on the lyrics with one of his friends.He also rendered the song. ‘Aye Unnoda’ became a part of his portfolio, which attracted a lot of ears. Magna Sound spotted his talent. The song got featured in the Magna Sound collection of Tamil pop songs called ‘Dance Party’. This album, along with the video, catapulted his music career into a new dimension. Later on, Magna Sound gave Prasad an even better option. A wholly dedicated album was the offer. With the release of Mr. Devi by Magna Sound, Devi’s dream project got a concrete form.

– He started his career by scoring music to a serial “50-50″ in Gemini TV. He also sang the title song for that serial. I still remember the pallavi of the song. I was attached to the song very much in my childhood days. Kudos to Devi.

It goes this way:

“sodara ani kobatti, chebutunna secretokati..
sraddhagaa chetulukatti, vinara chitti…”

Devi Sri Prasad as Photographer Itz All About : Devi Sri Prasad

– I happened to watch his programme on “kalale nijamaite” in Gemini Televison. His sister, brother, MS Raju too came for the show and shared their experiences. One more talent of Devi came into limelight when they showed the photographs that Devi took with different themes. One particular photo is marvelous in which he brought black and white effect portraying his sister. He is a good photographer too.. He also made some videos by making his sister dance for Alisha ..Made in India..etc songs..He was too talented right from his childhood.

Then MS Raju explained how he got impressed with Devi’s talent. According to him..once he went to Devi’s house to meet Sathya murthy gaaru, father of Devi for some story discussions, while entering the home he heard some music coming out of Devi’s room and when he enquired about this with Sathya murthy gaaru he came to know that Devi is interested in becoming music director. Surprised to know this, he called Devi and asked him to compose a tune for a situation that he told. Devi asked for 1 day time and MS Raju was once again surprised as to why he needs 1 day time and asked him to compose right at that instant but Devi asked for 1 day time and the next day he made MS Raju listen to his composition. On hearing to this, MS Raju was spell bounded and told immediately to Devi that he is the music director for his next film. He also asked Devi not to put that particular song in any of his films as it is like a bridge between him and Devi.

In the same show Devi sang that song which inspired MS Raju. I don’t remember the exact tune and lyric of that song.. but it is tooo good.

– Once MS Raju told about the creation of “innallak gurtochchana vaana” song. It seems the key crew of “Varsham” were in Pragati Resorts working on the script and music settings of the film. When Devi was asked to compose, the first song Devi did a composition and showed it with great enthusiasm to MS Raju and others. To his utter surprise MS Raju became very angry and even went on criticising severely that “He is not a good music director at all. He doesn’t know music and he is unfit….etc”. On seeing this, Devi wanted to prove himself and was with great determination to comeup with something extraordinary and the next day he came up with the “innallak gurtochchana….” tune and all were very much impressed and MS Raju hugged him and revealed him the secret that they earlier behaved intentionally to bring the best out of him. Later this raw tune was taken to Sirivennela Seetarama Sastry and immediately he coined the keywords, “Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana” as a part of the lyric and it was immediately okayed. This later on became a big rage.

devi with singers Itz All About : Devi Sri Prasad

– Once Sirivennela Seetarama Sastry shared an interesting thing about “aakasam taakela vadagalai ee vela” song in “Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana”. The release date was announced and the shooting of this song was pending and still the lyric for the tune was not ready. Sirivennala gaaru was too busy to pen it. Then under unavoidable conditions, they went ahead with the shooting of the song using the track sung by Devi using “tanaana taa nana na”s instead of the lyric. After the completion of the shooting, Sirivennela wrote the lyric and the main song was linked to it. He regarded it as a rare and interesting feat in his career.

– On the flip side,

** The pallavi of Devi’s song, “Nenu nenugaa lenu ninna monna laa” in the movie “Manmadhudu” has close resemblences with the

song “Chori Chori Jab Najre Milee” in the Hindi Movie “Kareeb”.

** He also faced criticism as the “Bommanu geeste neela vundi” song in “Bommarillu” reminds “Bulli pitta Bujji pitta” song in “Chinarayudu”.

– Devi had a rare chance of composing music for the “Unity” song in “Telugu Cinema Vajrotsavalu” function. It was indeed a marvelous composition. I had recorded this song using my mobile during live telecast.

You can download using this link:

Vajrotsavalu Song

Later Devi composed “oh bapu nuvve raavaali” song in “Shankardada Zindabad” on these notes.

– In Music, Devi’s idol is Ilayaraja. He is mad about Ilayaraja. He once said that he has a wall size photo in his recording studio in Chennai. He had a chance to sit along with Ilayaraja in the audio release of “Anumanaspadam” and Devi expressed his happiness that it was his best moment in his life and he feels like dieing then itself as his life ambition has been realized. He also thanked the guy who made this possible and said that he was ready to do anything for him as he made his dream come true.

– Apart from Music composing and singing, Devi can pen lyrics, dance for this tunes and also can give live performances with all these combinations. This makes him unique and multifaceted music director among the current ones.

– He has a unique voice with a special roughness in his tone.

– The back ground music in the climax of “Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana” has been turned as Pournami’s “muvvala navvakala” song.

– Devi says that he feels like Ilayaraja while composing, Michael Jackson when he gives stage performance and advises that when one gets into the imagination of such coveted people then his energy levels also arise and can give his best.

– He has the habit of using “THANKS” many a times in his speeches.

– Devi gave outstanding music to “Shankardada MBBS”. It is with his splendid work that, he got a new watch as gift from Chiranjeevi (which he was wearing when he presented it) as a replacement to his earlier watch gifted by the same star. The usual slang caption “askalakadi gala gala ooha ooha….” is used in different forms by many students while cheering their team mates in sports, college functions. Devi, cleverly converted this to “Shankardada MBBS …ooha ooha” and this became a rage. It has become a mandatory song in all of his stage performances. Once in a stage show in Vijayawada, he created such an uproar in the audience that a married lady stood up and danced like anything and her husband was in great embarrassment in controlling her. Such is the impact of Devi’s presence.

– He once received severe comments that he was delaying in providing the tunes in time and this inturn was resulting in the postponement of films. In such acute pressure, he got hospitalized and he decided to compose Rerecording for “Oka Oorilo” in hospital itself. Even upon severe opposition from Sagar and his other family members, he went ahead and took permission from the hospital authorities and composed RR there itself.

– It was a pleasant surprise for Devi too when Keeravani asked him to sing a song in Sri Rama Dasu. He lent his voice for “yetellinde godaramma….hailessa heylessa…” song. He also song many songs under other music directors.


1) Yuvakudu – Mani Sharma

2) Manmadha – Yuvan Shankar Raja

3) Sye – Keeravani

– There is one more uniqueness in Devi. Usually there are many music directors but almost all of them have given many duds apart from their super songs. But when it comes to Devi it is very difficult to find bad tunes. He says that he puts in his max efforts for all of his compositions. Only when he feels that his composition could make him dance first then only he goes ahead in making others listen to it. He says confidently that most of his songs are okayed for the first tune itself.

– There were many instant compositions like, “naa premanu kopam gaano….” song in “Arya”. Sukumar was explaining the situation and theme of the song and Devi came up with the tune immediately. Bommarillu’s “Appudo Ippudo Yeppudo” song was also an instant one.

– Sreenu Vytla and Devi share good rapport. For “Anandam” film they worked on 80 tunes and picked the best ones.

– When your playing Antyakshari beware of Devi’s songs as many of them start with “Hey…”

For example: It is “Hey…vudayinchina suryudinadigaa….”

So you should not use it for “vu”

Devi Sri Prasad celebrating birthday with heroines Itz All About : Devi Sri Prasad

(Do post any info you know about Devi either in the comments section or mail us:

So that it can be incorporated into the article and turn it as one stop source of interesting things of Devi.)

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  • Jesu says:

    Hi bångåru… YOU STOLE MY HEART… You stole my little little heart…. PLEASE FEEL MY LOVE ONCE:)

    YRS EVER LOVING…… I ll catch yr soon baby:)

  • Krishna says:

    You are a g8 inspiration to one and all. You Rock.

    Keep going

  • rajesh says:

    hi devi, your one of the bad singer’s that i ever seen, please kindly stop singing by ur own voice ur really a bad singer please please its my request, try to give chance’s those who can sing better than u ok. but ur composition is good keep it up.

  • maheshwar says:

    hai devi sri prasad iam maheshwar iam a great fan of u

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  • Ramya Devarakonda says:

    Namaste Devi Sri Prasad,
    Hope u r doing well.I’ve got no much of technical knowledge in MUSIC, but i enjoy&usually hum the background scores from ur films.
    Am greatly touched by the background music in ‘Manmadhudu’,'Kalusukovalani’,'Nuvvosthanante…’, i find them soft n soothing

    Generally, i prefer to concentrate on the instruments as well as the interludes ,in ur compositions.
    Ex; the fast notes of VEENA in between the 2 charanas, in ‘cheliya cheliya’ from ‘Manmadhudu’
    2. slow ,soft ending of the song’ nenu nenuga lene’ with the strings of Guiter{if am not wrong}, from ‘Manmadhudu’ etc etc

    I, being a Radio Announcer always had,have and will have the ever green & great wish of ‘Interviewing You’,sir.I shall wait for such a wonderful blessing.
    Hope to meet u soooon

  • vani says:

    hi sir
    how r u?
    all the best for ur future.

  • mounika says:

    me phone no kosam chasthunna

  • adharsh says:

    i am proud to share , both devisri prasad and his brother vidya sagar were my school mates[now alumni]. devi sri used to rock our culturals at school…. sir m venkata subba rao school in t nagar,chennai. we are proud of you.

  • nck reddy says:

    hhi dsp’ i love ur musis n live fr ur music only i am a great fan of u ur the nly rocking star of india nuvvvu sexy mama kevvu keka babai ur,s music adhurs………………………

  • surekha says:

    hai devi
    iam great fan of u.
    i lv your music soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • mamatha says:

    devi i love u sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

  • vijjy says:

    Hi Devi,
    you are gifted and great composer . No doubt !!

    But, unfortunately, your no.of movies are getting slow down now a days. we are hearing lot of albums are going from your hand because of your “time taking” / remuneration issues/ other issues (?).
    Example :
    mahesh, srinu vaitla movie, long long waiting working with mahesh, now dealing with “thaman ”
    veera, raviteja film , again “thaman”
    please devi, quantity and quality both are important..
    as you know competition is very high now a days..
    if we miss one , there are 1000 composers behind you to grab !!.
    you are almost on top postion . HOLD IT ..NEVER STEP BACK .
    and please do more classical and melody your boss “ilayaraja” .
    recent films..all melody tunes are being hit .
    yavan shankar, g.v prakash..are giving lot of melodies..
    1. G. V . prakash, darling (inka yedo …)
    2. yavan shankar ( aawara…) what a songs..

    only melody songs hava life:
    your best melody i liked:

    1. anandam songs
    2. nenu nenuga (manmadhadu)
    3. atu nuvvu itu nuvvu (current)
    4. telusuna..telusuna( sontham)
    5. hyna chang bala( aata)
    6. Mellaga taramani . ( varsham)
    7. muvvala navvakala ( pournami )
    8. Bommanu geesthe..( bommarillu)
    9. naatho vastaavaa..( mass)
    10. sangama title song (sangama kannada ) , ofcouse used in “king”

    like the above songs, we need MORE AND MORE …
    but, dont use same tunes again..eve though good ones..
    like, ready tune is used in “king ” and also used in “namo venkatesha”..
    adurs songs are not that much good.
    namo venkatesha just below average
    sye aata : “gajjela gurram” song arya2 ” ringa ringa ” copy
    singam tile song also not fresh one, used in king and other films.
    i am getting scared after listening your latest “singam” album..
    what happend to devi ??
    ofcourse, album is very hit …but it doesn’t mean that songs are great.
    only Real devi fans know the pain is …
    we want fresh songs..variety …
    we can do variety like rehman, but shold be with ur mark ( foot tapping , and instant lovable ) .

    bottom line , what i can say is :


  • vijjy says:

    Devi forth coming movies: what i know :

    1. manmadhan ambu

    2. Aruva
    3. Merupu
    4. Mr. perfect ( prabhas)
    5. Mirchi ( Ms raju productions ) – is it still alive ??
    6. Jesus (pawan kalyan)
    7. Jr. NTR with surender reddy ( confirmed ?? or again going to “thaman ” :-(
    8. Krishna vamshi with ram charan ( confirmed ?? )
    9. Ms raju lady oriented movie ( confirmed ?? )

    As a ardent fan of you, every day we look the news for you ONLY.
    i watch movies ony for you.

    do you know, even i am telugu person, because of ur music, i have kannada, tamil, even mallu songs also (dubbed ) with me..
    i will read the reviews how audience are responding with malayam songs, tamil..etc
    please do more malayalam songs, you have fanst out there aswell. ( but please do some classic songs there) i know you can .
    please do chirus 150th film also, you only give better music for him . get hold of cherry …

    i want to see you composing for balayya , mahesh very soon..
    hey..finally..when is YOUR movie ????

  • Mahender.A says:

    hai…………………..DSP………UR MUSIC IS KEKA……IAM GREAT FAN OF U,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,me music ADURS*.>>

  • savitha says:

    devi ur mobile numer pls i love ur songs i love u too …

  • bokka says:

    hi devi,

    i don’t like u becoz u don’t like siddharth (hero) and harassed him

  • T.VITHI says:

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    your sachin, something something and then excuse me from kandasamy its all super.i like ur stage shows very much ur dance is super.ur cell no pls.

  • MAHENDER.A says:

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  • bunnyraj says:

    hi devi i like ur songs its awesome…but plz u dont sing giv chance to others..

  • yqmini.gollu says:

    HAI SRI,

    I Can say only one word.when i hearing ur composed song it is very peaceful.mostly sagar sanged songs.

  • yqmini.gollu says:

    I lije sagar voice is made excellecent achoring in super singers five we are wating for his program when sagar is going to come back on sliver screen.

  • siva says:

    hi DSP i am a big fan of u.
    I like your melody songs.

  • Nataraj says:

    Good music director, but charges too much for his movies, becoz of this he didnot get movies like previous.
    Take seriously and goahead with giving good music to the music lovers.

    All the best.

  • vjaY says:

    simply ur musik rokzzzzzzzzz..!! nd ur da mr.perfect,.,. bright future heads devi sir vIsh u A vErY gud LuCk..:)

  • DEEPA says:

    Hi!DSP I am ur`s big fan of ur`s music.I prays the god to give success for u.

  • Prakash says:

    Heloo sir Hw ar u.. I’m Malaysia.. Sir i need to know about ur shows. can u help us to do show in Malaysia.

    Please reply this email as soon as possible sir.





  • anesha says:

    Hai DSP i am a great fan of u. I love ur music very much……..

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    i love your music soooooooooooooooooooooo much.
    please i want your mail id or phone no

  • I love you devi says:

    Hai devi

  • nag says:

    hai devi.first i would like to say one thing that i love u.u are the world no1 music director. ni first movie devi songs madiri rehaman kuda ivvaledu.its true.manmadhudu lo gundello song ki dheetuga tune okka music director kuda ivvaledu. nenu telugu vadiga ninnu chusi proud ga feel avutunna.nuvvu life time mammalni alarinchalani janmaki ni music chaalu. iam from tirupati.8099845651

  • shravs says:


  • SYED.FEROZ says:

    Salamalaikum Devigaru and good day to all you well wishers,

    it is our pride to have such a talent like you in our state,living outside india and listening to your compositions along with other region and country friends gives a great feeling and we cherish that.

    thanks for being what you are,keep your energy flowing

    on behalf of all of us (your fans) and my friends wish you best of future and great health.


  • siva sankar says:

    hello annaya….
    you are amaging

  • mamatha says:

    hai devi h r u.wh r u.i m big fan of u.i love sooooooooo much take care my dear sweet heart

  • NISHA says:

    iam big fan of u ilove ur music
    mr.perfect challa perfect ga music echaru &
    100%love ki 100% music echaru
    super oooooosuper
    challichaligagilinidi (mrperfect)
    kalukalu + (100%love)
    i want to meet u
    shall icome and meet uin ur studio
    give me any message ya (MAIL ADRESS SRI.LAKSHMISRI.DEVI@GMAIL.COM)

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    devi sri prasad big fan

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    Devisri garu,How r u ?

    Iam a big fan of u.I likuand Ilove ur songs so………………………………………………………….much.take kare of ur voice and ur helth also.


    Your’s swetha.

  • vijjy says:

    DEVIL of MUSIC … DSP. Denitho sari pettukodu ( Never satisfy with one album)

    What a variety with Mr. Perfect and 100% love songs..

    oka vypu melody songs…inko vypu youth songs..antha lo ne Rap.
    annitiki minchi viraha vedhana !!

    Viraha paatalu machhuki :
    “Dooram …Dooram..oke parikshe raasina.. ” song from 100%
    ” Badulu tochani prashnala ” – Mr. Perfect
    “Nammaka tappani ” – Bommarillu
    Venky , Badra, Sontahm , Manmadhudu, Kalusukovalani, Anandam, Khadgam, Current ( atu nuvvu itu nuvvu ..) yenni ani cheppanu ?? ..count ala perugutooooen undi .

    Inka Mass songs..
    Mass antene nuvvu gurthukostavu ..
    “mass tho pettukunte madaty poddi ” , ” vanga thota ..malapu kaada ” , ” gongura thota kaada” , ” aa ante amalapuram ” , ” naa pere kanchana maala ” , ” aakalesthe annam pedatha” , muppi yaaru , Gintha Gintha paalachukkake ( King -what a song!! ) and latest sensations…Ringa Ringa ..and Dhinka chika ( Hindi Ready ) , Diyyalo Diyyalo …again count saaaaguthoone undi .

    Youth numbers:
    1. All arya songs
    2. premante yeminante..(anandam)
    3. jagadam, 100% love, mr perfect, current, ready ,

    Melody …
    again every album has at least 2 numbers..

    chaliga chaliga gillindi latest one , what a number ?
    especially.. “nuvvu naathone unnatlu..nanne choostunnatlu ” ane aaa bit , champestundi .
    “telusunaa…telusunaa…” – sontham
    “yevaryna yepudyna” – anandam
    “nenu nenugaa lene” – manmadhudu
    “bommanu geesthe” – bommarillu (what a song)
    ” ee varsham sakshigaa..” (varsham) – what a song !!
    “mere sajana..tu tu tu ” – ready
    ” vennelintha vedigaa” – Tulasi
    “sangama title song” – sangama (kannada film)…etc

    now, you started classical also:

    1. tiru tiru gananatha ( 100% )
    2. mora vinaraa ( mr perfect)
    3. King ( ghana ghana gan ) – picturaisation is so bad, spoiled the song value with comedy narration. felt bad :-(
    4. Bhadra song (tirumala vaasa …)
    5. Pournami ( Bharatha vedamunu)
    please continue classical songs when ever you get opportunity. there are takers for such songs also.. like me :-)

    and Famly songs from Ready, Bommarillu, NVNV, Pournami, King, Mr perfect ..etc
    Patriotic songs from khadgam, folk numbers, Rock ( my love is gone from Arya2 ) ..


  • Teju says:

    Hi Devi, m very big fan of u……….
    i attended 100%love audio release function i was stunned wid ur rockin performance.. i enjoyed a lot… wherewver Devi there is full josh… u make 100 years old man into 20years guy.. tats ur talent…keep rockin devi all d best..

  • Suresh says:

    Hi DSP. . . I am a ardent fan of you . . Your composing is rocking . . Pls do some melodies like kanmoodi(sachin). . I admire you . . I love your stage performances . . It s really fantastic to watch . Pls do produce albums . . Gud luck . . You are really an inspiration to younger generation. . Good luck . .

  • k narmada kumar says:

    hai devi garu your music is rising sun for youth, very very niceeeeeeeeeeee i love ur songs very very much, naku oka korika undandi, nenu me musicku oka pata padalani undandi, naku patalu padadam ante chala istam. nenu bhel companylo job chestunnanandi,naku okasasri chance istara pleaseeee andi my dream…..thank u byeeee…..god bless u
    ur deadlymad fan ……….k n k…….

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  • Nisha says:

    Hai Devisri prasad garu
    Wish u a Happy New Year& Happy sakranthi
    Me album okatikuda release kaka Chala Boore ga ondi
    Samira& Vishal film lo Chalabaga onaru
    You are looking so Smart & sweet
    Chala aanadham go ondi DSP is on Screen
    Iwant to met u. But HOW.
    All the Best

  • Hi devi . . . . . . .
    i am a big fan of yours i cant explain you how much. . . . . . . .i think now you understood that i an big fan of yours ok now coming to the point i want to meet you once. . . . . . .please mail me your no at i had kept more expectations in 2012. . . . . .all the best

  • siva nagendra says:

    hai devi sir i’m ur very very biiiiiiiiiiiiiiig fan sir

  • Bhaskar says:

    Hai devi sir na Peru Bhaskar,me daggara yeppatinundo padalani korika sir,nenu kuda patalu paadutuntanu sir,srikakulam dist.level lo first prize sir ,pls sir okka avakasam evvandi sir ph no.9912508881,pls sir im waiting for ur ph call sir pls. Tappulunte sorry sir pls..

  • Bhaskar says:

    Hai devi sir this is bhaskar,ur music backgrounds naku chala estam sir,na guitarlo tappani sariga mi music play chestuntan sir,nenu nalgondalo job chestunnanu sir pls sir okka avakasam evvandi sir singer ga pls sir,my ph no.9912508881,pls sir okka avakasam sir pls.

  • Ramakrishna says:

    Hai Devisri Garu I am Great Fan of u i have your first movie untill julayee each every song i have recently u came to singapore i miss u i am staying singapore please give me u r mobile number

  • g.umakumar,your school teacher says:

    my blessings to you & ur family


  • Guru bharat says:

    Thanks to Mr.Devi….

  • NISHA says:


  • NISHA says:


  • NISHA says:


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