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KBL: ‘Nenani Nivani’ song is not sung by Swetha Prasad

It has been clarified by the music director of latest sensation, Kotta Bangaru Lokam (Telugu Film),  Mickey.J.Meyer that its not the heroine Swetha Basu Prasad but Swetha Pandit from Mumbai who has sung the marvelous melody ‘Nenani Nivani’ song in the album. Confusion arised owing to a print mistake on the inlay card of the audio cassette. Hope the real credit goes to Swetha Pandit !!!

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  • Suresh Babu says:

    Shwetha Basu Prasad is not a singer but was a child artist in Bengaali and Hindi.
    Shwetha Basu Prasad ( 17) is a bengali gal who acted in ‘Makdee’ and won the National award for her performance in ‘Makdee’ that year. The movie was about a little gal who rescues the kids in her village from a ferocious witch( Shabana Aazmi)
    Later she was seen in the movie ‘Iqbal’ by Nagaesh Kukunoor as a cute little sister of Shreyas Thalpade.
    Before she took KBL, she had acted in a bengali flick ‘Eti Din Golpo’.

  • K.Venkates hBabu says:

    She is very Nice and Stunning Acting, Marvelous.
    She is suited in her role of play.
    After a long time I fell in Love to love a Heroine is “SWETHA BASU PRASAD” only.
    Previous I like BOOMIKA (Kushi) and Genelia (Bommarillu).

    Really I love her…


  • kiran says:

    Thanks for the post! Shwetha Pandit sung it marvelously!

  • jayant says:

    see guys let she sing or not just appreciate her milestones not the social misconceptions and even just try to explain the positive replys within you guys it is good for ur mind and ur families and ur city state and ultimately our country try to understand that ur message may not let shwetha to go negative but make her feel that she is best for the best guy got it.

  • Karthik says:


    I am from Tamil nadu.I accidentally came across the songs of this movie(from youtube) and I was really impressed with it.Especially Neevani and Nijanga from Kotha bangaru logam. Both Karthik and Shwetah pandit sung well. I prefer melody all the times and these are ofcourse one of my everlasting songs.

  • rajesh says:

    my fav song

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