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FMB: R.Narayana Murthy Song on Software Engineer

R. Narayana Murthy’s song in next movie and its name is Vykunta Paali”.
which is about s/w and in that movie he will be playing IT professional and who will lose his job because of recession.

Emunnadakko ooo emunnadakkaaa…
Potta perigipoi..juttu ralipoi…vunna paruvu poi..

ee industry lo nakinka
emunnadi akko.. emunnadi akko emunnadi akka..

B.Tech chesi naaka (saami)
Hyderabad cherukunnaa(saami)

Experience adugutunteeeee aa aaaa aaaav

Experience adugunte, enta kaavali ante anta petti, job kottina, join ayyina banchaaaaaaa

(Emunnadi akko..)

Training lu ivvaka paye (saami)
Client interaction annadu (saami)

Communication baledu ante a aaa aaaa
Communication baledu ante, kumili kumili edichina, hindu paper veyinchinaa banchaaaaaa

(Emunnadi akko..)

Project ichundu vaadu(saami)
Payslip kuda vachindi(saami)

Payslip chupinchiiii. a a a a a a aaaaaaaaaaaa

Payslip chupinchina, credit card teesukunna, avasaram lenivi anni konna appula palu ainaaa banchhaa

(Emunnadi akko..)

Project aipoindiii(saami)
Kottadi vastadi annadu (saami)

Bench lo pettundu aaaaa a aa aaaaaaa
Bench lo pettinaaka subject marichipoina, o roju na HR pilusundu poi kalisina banchaa

(Emunnadi akko..)

Boom taggindi annadu (saami)
Cost cutting annadu (saami)..

Benchlo vunna ani cheppiii aaaaaa a a a a aaaaa
Bench lo vunna ani cheppi bayatiki tosundu kompa kulchundu banchaaa

(Emunnadi akko..)

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