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About Lakshmi Ramanaidu – Akkineni Nagarjuna’s First Wife

Lakshmi Ramanaidu Pic 1 About Lakshmi Ramanaidu   Akkineni Nagarjunas First Wife

- Lakshmi Ramanaidu is the first wife of Popular Telugu Hero, Akkineni Nagarjuna.

- She is the sister of another Popular Hero Venkatesh and Film producer Suresh Babu.

- She is the daughter of renowned Film producer Dr D.Ramanaidu.

- She is the mother of Akkineni Naga Chaitanya who is making his debute in Telugu Films through the movie ‘Josh’.

- She has strong resemblance to brother Venkatesh and many people believed that they were twins when they were kids owing to their smiliar features.

- She is separated from her Film star husband Nagarjuna.

- She is an interior designer. She is doing most of her talented work in Chennai.

- She is not interested in acting/modeling.

ramanaidu family About Lakshmi Ramanaidu   Akkineni Nagarjunas First Wife

Sitting (From Left) : D.Lakshmi (Suresh Babu’s Wife) , D.Suresh Babu, Dr. D. Ramanaidu, Master Arjun, D.Rajeswari, D.Venkatesh Babu, D.Neeraja, Baby Bhavana, Sharat Raghavan, Laxmi Vijay Raghavan (Nagarjuna’s First Wife)

Standing (from left) : Kum. Ashritha, Mr.Rana, Master Abhiram, Baby Havya Vahini, Baby Malvika, Master Chaitanya

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  • rinki says:

    Heared Amala was arrested few days back for staging protest against coal mining. Suprisingly, nagarjuna akkineni’s official website made no mention of it at all. Hope she joins politics soon(seems to be the intention) and hope she doesnt do anything that will be an embarrassment to the family.

  • sneha says:

    i happened to read this in the indusladies forum site about Amala:

    “And as far as Amala is concerned, extra marital affairs is not alien to her. You must know that she was in a serious relationship with Rajinikanth once upon a time. Their relationship was so strong that Rajini was even willing to divorce his wife and leave his kids so that he can marry Amala. It was only after furious protests from his fans (including warning letters that they (the fans) will all abandon him and his films in the event the latter leaves his family for Amala) did Rajini relented and broke off his affair. It was after this that Amala went to Tollywood and cast her spell on another big (and married) star there- Nagarajuna and the rest, as they say, is history.”

    Reading the above comment made by someone, I just thought how fake these filmi heroines are. I am glad Lakshmi ramanaidu walked out of this fake world. Kudos to her.

  • anonymous says:

    I think amala does not love or even like chai, ‘coz the way she talks about him.she is just worried about her son she always talks about him in a very nice way
    . Her face was white wen d ramanaidu was called on stage by anr to congratulate him for padmabhushan.she was on the stage and stepped back with discomfort.

  • anonymous says:

    Lakshmi looks so simple and elegant

  • anonymous says:

    Hey guys I feel all said about amala is true. She tries hard to get rid of homebreaker tag but has failed. I’m new to this site. But really Der is good info about amala.

  • saimaya says:

    i think sir nagarjuna is a super hero in telugu industry. he is also called the greek veerudu in telugu film industry.i love you sir

  • saimaya says:

    i love u nagggggggggggggggggggg

  • tvwatch says:

    recently saw chatianyas interview in sakshi paper where he referred both of his parents . As an actor i don’t admire but his matured thinking felt he is well brought up

  • tvwatch says:

    no updates from sneha

  • sneha says:

    Happy that chai tasted success with Thadaka movie:) How will amala face drama naidu? she was the heroine of Chinna babu which had amala and nag in it and produced by rama naidu. this was when laksmi was married to Nag.She never mentioned about this fact anywhere.

  • sneha says:

    Why did Amala make comeback after so long? any idea? she always used to say she would never comeback etc…

  • anonymous says:

    Hi sneha u were active on dis site from a very long time., I have seen your comments. I never liked the fact that nag divorced lakshmi to marry amala. I hate amala for dis reason only. Did u read chai recent interview about his family iN sakshi paper. Wen asked about amala,, his answers make u feel that it is only becoz of nag & amala mistake his parents split. He gives very mature answers.

    As far as amala is considered she wants to make her presence felt as her son would be debuting next year.

  • sneha says:

    I have followed this since childhood, never got convinced about amala’s ‘goodness’ , always found her somewhat artificial. I missed the saakshi interview, i was busy working abroad last few months. What did he say?

  • sneha says:

    Lakshmi is beatiful, saw her facebook page :) I didnt send her friend request as i respect her privacy:) she is a nice, educated person cut-off from film land.

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